Posted by: mads04 | October 29, 2013

Knockin on heavens door

We’ve finally recorded our new album “Childhood Memories” it’s taken longer than expected but trust me when you’ve got Motor Neurone Disease you don’t tend to do things quickly!!
It’s our second album since I was diagnosed over 3 years ago and there were nights when I was sat in Willy’s studio/bedroom were I honestly thought it might not happen. But with the support of Will and Peter we’ve finally got there. although Peter was lucky to stay in there with us at times just for his lack of musical knowledge!!!
If you join in a conversation with Will and myself regarding music you better know your stuff because you will get ripped to bits if you don’t, so when Peter said he had never heard the Beatles classic Across the Universe I said to him “Are you fuckin messin? Your barred from the studio”. Peter has been banned more times than Luis Suarez this year!!!
Its an honest album, all songs are written and composed by Will and myself, obviously I can’t play guitar anymore but I did surprise myself on piano, although I must say I’m an expert on Maracas (Natural shaking motion) Blame MND!! The first song on the album is called “Killer within me” written in hospital whilst waiting to see the doctor, it tells of my fight against MND and finally vows how this disease won’t win!! The album is named after a song Willy wrote (yes he can write!!) about us both growing up together as a pair of scally’s in Liverpool and the mischiefs we used to get up to. This album is a lot more laid back and acoustic than the first one and that’s mainly down to the deteriorating affects of MND, it’s hard enough singing a quick tempo song at the best of times without MND trying to fuck things up for you so we decided or I should say MND decide to slow things down. There’s a couple of love songs on it, my romantic rhythm shining through!! I have to say Willys harmonica playing on the album is top drawer although when he try’s to play guitar and harmonica (Bob Dylan style) it’s ear plugs time for me!!

The final song on the album is called “Justice496” and is a song about the terrible events that unfolded on the 15th April 1989 during a football match between my beloved Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in the semi final of the FA Cup at Hillsborough in Sheffield. 96 football fans were killed and The song is written with honesty about the day and also the aftermath, were the families of the 96 fought for justice to clear their loved ones name and also to expose the lies of the police right the way up to the government. I hope we’ve done their memories justice.

You can purchase the CD here
all proceeds from the sales will go straight to the MND Merseyside Branch to help people with MND in the local area, contact them on Facebook or Twitter to arrange delivery.

I was proud and still am of our first album and to be honest I thought that would be it but with the encouragement of Willy and Peter we’ve achieved a second album whilst battling the affects of MND. It hasn’t been easy far from it, but like I always say with the right people around you and a never give in attitude you can achieve amazing things.
Thank you for your continuing support and please keep spreading the about MND. There’s a cure out there I’m convinced of that.

Stay positive and more than anything stay smiling.

Bob Dylan wrote a song called Knockin on heavens door, I may be doing that with MND but I’m not ready for it to be opened yet!!

To be continued



  1. Hi Mark – Glad to see ur still keeping busy! Love to u and the family for Christmas – P X

  2. Inspiring. I play classical guitar and the primary lateral sclerosis MND I have has started affecting my playing. I keep saying I’ll make a recording before its too late. Think that will be a new year resolution. Good on you mate.

  3. Mark, you’ve again achieved brilliance in your talent! Thanks for sharing your life so generously. Your strength inspires like the only medicine we have!

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