Posted by: mads04 | September 12, 2018

Last of a dying breed

Right, this is a re-post ive done on my new eyegaze tablet. Instead of using my eyes to write this im using a button that i nudge with my knee on my wheelchair. Apparently ive got eyes like fuckin Nookie bear thats why I am using the button.  I am going to start writing again its going take me ages to do so bare with me. I am still alive and kicking and Mnd can fuck right off.


I was brought up by the best mum and dad in the world, my mum was always up for a laugh and my dad was always smiling, they brought me, my brothers and sister up to have basic morals in life. Show respect for your elders, always use your manners, be nice to people, smile and don’t swear!! Ok so that last one doesn’t always fuckin work for me but you get my drift!!! Life when I was growing up is totally different to life now, manners cost nothing and should be the first things we teach our kids, and remember as a parent you are your child’s first teacher. Whatever you teach your kids in the early part of their life they will mostly take on for the rest of their life. A child doesn’t grow up knowing racism, sexism, ageism or any other fucking ‘ism to be honest!! unless you tell them any different. Teach your child everyone’s a human being first and foremost and you’ve made a good start.

I always remember my dad talking about the good old days, and wondering what they actually where?? Apparently in the good old days your front door never had to be locked, your kids could play out in the street until dark, the local shop gave you tick (buy now pay later), their was a local bobby who walked his beat, and everyone knew each other who lived in their street! Nowadays our front doors have got several locks on, your terrified to let your kids play out in the street, going in the local shop is now like going on an enclosed visit in Walton prison with reinforced glass between you and the server , the local bobby has been laid off because the local police station has shut down because of government cuts and you haven’t got a fuckin clue who lives next door but 1 to you!!

So do you think our kids generation will look back and say “Remember the good old days?”

Basic manners cost nothing in life and I’ve always used my manners wether it be a simple please or thank you or just holding a door for someone walking behind you. I once worked in a children’s centre as a dads worker which involved trying to get dads to interact better with their kids, in our work we had about 60 women and about 4 or 5 men and everytime I would open the office door for one of the girls they would say “Thanks Mark, your a gentleman” and I would always reply “Last of a dying breed aren’t I?”

Is my generation the last of a dying breed?

I’ve been to London a good few times over the last several months and it shocked me to see women standing up on the tube and fellers sitting down completely ignoring them, mums getting on and off the train with prams and no one trying to help them, Even stranger to me is that some woman may even get offended now if a man offered their seat up for them!! The worlds gone mad!
I was in Euston station and went to grab a free newspaper and spotted a woman stood behind me waiting to get one herself, so me being me grabbed 2 and offered her one, she looked right through me and just grabbed one from the stand and walked away leaving me stood there thinking thanks for that mate!! I’m not saying I’m a saint here, far fuckin from it but sometimes being nice to people is a good thing, if more of us did it the world might be a better place! Amen!!!

As a kid the streets were my playground, we played man hunt, kick the can, climbed trees and played footy but I rarely see any of that nowadays maybe it’s the play stations and X box’s to blame but I also think some parents are a bit lazy to go out with their kids and play. The play stations etc are an easy option to keep their kids occupied! Get out with them and do something they’re only young once and you can give them memories for life.
MND means I have the make the most of the time with my kids, fatigue is a big factor with MND but when the kids ask me to do something with them I make sure I get me arse of the couch and do it. I understand I’m in a position different to most people but your kids only get one chance at childhood make it a good one for them!

I loved my childhood, the laughs I had with my mates and the things we got up to(not all legal) have given me great memories but the best thing I remember about my childhood was my mum and dad who done everything they could to give us the best in life and made me the person I am today.

MND continues to do its best to beat me and day to day it’s getting harder and harder but my determination is stronger than anything this cruel disease can throw at me so it can fuck right off. I’ve got to much to live for and I always remind myself if I wake up each day wish my kids good morning and later go to bed and kiss them goodnight it’s job done for me!

Thanks for your constant support and help in raising awareness for this terrible disease.

Keep smiling and stay positive

To be continued

(Last of a Dying Breed)


  1. You’re a good parent & friend, Mark! Bless your parents’ souls! Thanks for writing about this subject. So much has changed since our youth, but also I think having MND/ALS gives us a more sensitive ‘view’ of life.Time is precious – lives are precious! You are precious!

  2. Awesome mark mate!!! Keep them coming!

  3. Mark you are an absolute gem and continue to inspire mate. The guys at walton are always still talking about you and asking after you. Keep doing what you do and keep opening those doors!! Love and hugs, Nogsy x

  4. MND f*ck right off….you f*cked with the wrong guy!
    Inspirational words as ever, a true gent and role model as you always have been.
    Incidentally Mark, I am using you as inspiration to quit my 20 year smoking habit…every time I weaken I think of you… and think if you can stand up to MND, I can stand up to a stupid nicotine craving….keep up the fight and the blogging coz you make a difference in ways you probably have no idea!
    I have tried to bring my kids up to respect everyone including themselves so hopefully we are not a dying breed!!! 🙂

  5. Hi Mark, we have a similar outlook on life, although now in my 7th decade ( probably the same age group as yer ma n da) I’ve got 6 grandchildren at the last count, but I miss not being able to play with the youngest 2, as I used to play with the older 4, however, I do try to get on the floor to play with them when they visit, it’s a bugger tryin to get back up tho! I believe, like you Mark, the only way to beat MND is to stay positive. Keep goin mate! Look forward to hearing from you soon, oh and good luck with the London marathon.

  6. Well said Mark, i hope people take note of this teaching your kids manners is so important, and just to be thankful for the small things in life like you say saying goodmorning to your kids and goodnight, and this cruel disease makes you realise that it these things in life are the most important, you carry on kickin this mnd’s arse cause your doin just great, you will always be an insperation to many people Mark.xx

  7. Mark,
    I was inspired by your comments. You are not only a courageous and tenacious advocate for the fight against MND but you are also a reds fan!
    I am aware of a drug that is being used to treat various people (one high profile sportsperson who is pictured on the facebook site holding a picture of you!). I can give you details of how to get on a trial of this drug which I absolutely believe will help you. Call me or contact me and I will give you details.

  8. Mark , my family was In a bar in fuetrventura , I asked If the kids were ok to stay in the bar. He said our kids were welcome and said he could tell we were sound as everytime the kids went for crisps they all said please and thank you . I thought this was standard . Anyway on our return my brother was diagnosed with mnd . Inspiring

  9. Fantastic humour amongst your incredible bravery Mark. Have been, are and always will be an incredible inspiration to me. Proper honest, true values, morals and respect. If only this common sense was more common in the current generations.

    Still a Liverpool fan, but more than makes up for this with impeccable taste in choons.😉

    You watch your tail cowboy.👍😁😀

  10. I have to agree with you completely! I am a person with ALS/MND from across the pond. We have the same issues over here with such a lack of basic decency. Thank you for being a voice for the ALS community.

  11. Its been too long since your last blog which always gets linked to the Alty fans forum where I am pleased to say your status as legend remains 🙂 ….great to hear you are still fighting and passing on words of inspiration…with the aid of much humour and many swearwords…
    We all love you keep fighting and writing Mad Dog

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