Posted by: mads04 | October 11, 2013

Appreciate life

Its becoming more apparent that there’s some people in this country who just want a free ride in life.I say this because over the last 2 years since I’ve had to give up work because of Motor Neurone Disease, a condition which has no cause in other words I never chose MND it chose me. I’ve came into contact with people who want everything for nothing, people who are to lazy to go out look for work and fend for themselves. These are the people you see at 9am walking the streets with cans of white lightening cider,scruffy bastards who contribute nothing to society and actually get paid by the government to live like this!! I dread going to my GP’s for fear of bumping into these people, piss heads and heroin addicts who don’t appreciate any one or anything, unless it can get them booze or smack!! I don’t fear going for myself I fear for them because one day I’m going to snap(think Charles Bronson!!!) Every time I go in the chemist to get my prescription, there’s an addict in there waiting for his meths and they are almost always being abusive to staff and before all the do gooders reading this start saying they need help and rehab, that’s bullshit,I don’t buy that, these people who are on heroin now know exactly what they’re getting into, they choose it because they think it’s a fix to their problems! Everyone has their own problems but not everyone chooses a life of petty crime and worse to pay for their gear.
I speak of this because my brother was a heroin addict from the age of 13 and may still be one now(I haven’t spoken to him for over 15 years). When he was 13 it was 1979 and a heroin epidemic was about to hit the UK and especially my home city of Liverpool. Young people who had no job prospects because Margaret Thatcher and her Tory government abandoned them and they had a pretty bleak future. Enter heroin, which hit my city like a tornado, it hit the 80’s youth like a sledgehammer and the affect it had on my lovely mum and dad was devastating.My parents were grafters, they worked hard all their life to provide for their children and my brother destroyed everything they worked for, he brought the police to our house on a regular basis, he played on my mums lovely kind nature for money and ended up leaving her in debt because of his heroin addiction, he even stole her painkillers the day before she died from pancreatic cancer,I remember my dad being totally embarrassed and ashamed trying to explain to the fantastic Macmillan nurses about the missing tablets. I’ll never forget that look on his face when he was watching the love of his life lose her brave battle with cancer and also realising that his son had committed the ultimate betrayal.
My oldest son is 13 In a couple of weeks and to think my own parents were about to be put through hell at the start of my brothers teenage years is very painful to me.

All addiction ruins lives,I can sympathise a tiny bit with my brother he got into heroin when people of the UK didn’t know how deadly it was,for those of you old enough to remember a children’s TV series called Grange Hill, you may remember a big don’t do drugs campaign called Just say NO in which it tried to get across how dangerous drugs were, this was around 1985/6 and it was a message to late for my brothers generation. but to be into heroin In today’s society I have no sympathy with them, they have no appreciation of life, I watch these people abuse NHS staff as well as the piss heads, you see mums with kids in terrible states all because they would rather pay for their fix or cheap bottle of cider than feed their kids! these people don’t deserve children, there’s genuine people out there who can’t have kids paying out their life savings for IVF treatment in the hope they can have that most precious gift in the world and all around them they see horrible wasters having kids and treating them with nothing but addiction and every terrible thing that goes with it.
Don’t get me wrong I love my city and I will and have defended it loyally and I know this is not confined to Liverpool but also every major city in the UK if not the world, the UK government are too soft on these people.
Can you imagine how hard it is for someone with a terminal illness who appreciates every single minute of their life to be in the company of people who don’t appreciate life?

I know this is a bit of a strange blog and I also know that I’ve got bigger problems to worry about than people who waste their lives,but watching them throw their lives away for a quick thrill and also get priority in hospitals,GP’s,chemists etc is frustrating to say the least for someone in my position.Im not bitter about these people it’s just a shame to see people throw away their chance at life.
My brother wasted his life for drugs,Don’t waste your life,appreciate it,we only get one chance so make the most of it!!

Stay positive and keep smiling

Right, where’s me Charles Bronson DVD collection gone!!!
To be continued…..



  1. How funny that this is your thought because it is mine too! Big The Sun article yesterday all over the media & social networks. My husband put up a comment on the Facebook edition where every other comment was calling the family scum! He said they are not scum they are milking the system so the govt. are to blame because people are, as you say Mark, allowed to drink, inject, snort & pro-create as the UK govt. them whilst also milking the system whilst there backsides are very comfortable on the green seats at The House of Commons,
    Guess what? The Sun removed his comment! Yes they also are milking the system.
    I have always been a hard working Mum & now have to lean on benefits as my body crumbles to MND, non smoker, don’t drink much , smoked a bit of weed socially only. This no cause, no cure disease chose me too darling x Boo Hiss xx

  2. Nice one mate, just mention you have two brothers . The eldest one (nearly 60) is not too bad, ha ha .
    Keep up the good work and the fight.

  3. mark, youre blog is such an insparation to me.. when i was 7 my pops (grandad) had been diagnosed with this terminal muscle wasting diseas, they were the worse 2 years of mine and all my familys life. I was only young and dont remember much but people waste there life on the wrong thing doing bad ideas but they dont see that, in yours and my pops point of veiw i can understand why you do not agree with them/doing that to their body-wasting there lifes.. They do not realise use did not wish for this to happen, use just got diagnosed and sometimes you just want to know why it happened to you and there are people out there who it would not even effect. Mark youre such an inspiration to me and so many others xx

  4. Well said Mark, life is taken so much for granted that these scumbags get away with abusing everything, and they still get help!, if they have problems, the majority will be self inflicted.How good would it make us feel if we new the help we needed was there, instead we live in hope and pray for the future.

  5. Well said Mads to many people think this way but say nothing. Let’s all grow mussys and go and sort them out

  6. Keep fighting it mate.

    World needs nice guys like you to stay around 🙂

    I am 34yrs old now and you are still a legend and hero to me. An inspiration to all. My Grandad had the same illness and to know you are still fighting and supporting the cause is amazing.

    I have shed a tear or two and often talk about you and what you are doing.

    Keep going Mate and if you are ever in the Northamptonshire area let me know.

    Gaz Warrington

  7. Stay strong and continue to fight Mark….words I will repeat to my recently diagnosed mum….mnd is a hideous disease and I pray we will find a cure all the best karen

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