Posted by: mads04 | October 19, 2015

Forever young 

My oldest son (Sonny) is 15 tomorrow. He was 10 when I was diagnosed, I’ve watched him grow from a child to a young man. At diagnosis I never dreamed I’d see this day. He will never know life without MND, I’ve watched him over the last 5 years blossom into a young man. The way he deals with MND is phenomenal. He’s always willing to help, he’s been on a first aid course to help him with the basics in case it’s needed(I hope not). He’s never in trouble in school, he’s a quiet kid who’s respectful to everyone he meets. He’s a bit too quiet if I’m honest, sometimes I wish he’d say more about MND but I suppose it’s his way of dealing with it. I often wonder what my kids think about MND but I’m often scared to ask. When I fell the other morning my son was the first to find me, it was 7.30am and he helped me get up and seen my head cut. Then he went to school, he’s doing his GCSE’s and it upset me to think that he had to sit in school trying to concentrate on his work with a picture of me on the floor unable to get up with my head bleeding. Not the best start to you’re day is it??

I’m proud of him, I’m proud of all my family. We deal with shit that you wouldn’t believe. MND is a fuckin crazy arse shit world. It’s an extra ordinary illness that affects ordinary people and worse still it’s affecting ordinary kids who’ve had there whole lives changed by the worst disease known to science. It’s not an old persons disease it’s affecting more and more young people every year. 

Happy birthday Santino, I wish you never knew what MND was but you’re strength gives me strength. I love you more than you will ever know and thank you for being there for me. May you stay Forever Young X 

Please keep supporting MND awareness, we are a vulnerable community who never asked for or chose to get MND. Sometimes Shit just happens!

Keep smiling and make the most of every moment you get with you’re kids, a positive outlook on life will get you further than a negative one. True story. 

To be continued…

Mark IMG_0192-1IMG_0190-1 







  1. Great blog, Mark…..lovely to see those photos of your kids growing up & it sounds like Sonny is as mentally brave as his old fella.

    Brian Flynn

  2. Hi mads,can’t believe sonnys 15,still remember him running around moss lane like it was yesterday!!
    Top blog m8,keep fighting pal u put the rest of us to shame.
    Top man👊🏻
    Stuart Coburn.

  3. Great Blog as always Mark. You’re right to be proud of your kids but you and Jayne have brought them up to be like that so be proud of yourselves.

    You are inspirational to many of us Mads and this blog post is an example why. Despite this shitty disease your first thought is of others.

    As i say every time I am honoured and privileged to call you my friend,.

    Keep Fighting


  4. Happy birthday Sonny you have made your Dad a proud 1. He is an amazing man and you are blessed to have him as your dad as well as your mum for her courage. Keep fighting Mark


  5. Hi mark
    What an incredible and inspirational young man you are, and your family as inspirational too. I can’t begin to even imagine your pain. But i admire your guts and determination to fight this horrid disease as much as you are. Your words of your eldest son have made tears pour from my eyes, he sounds a treasure and a son every parent would want. I wish him all the strength in the world to get thru his gcse’s and push forward with all his mite for a good foundation for life ahead.
    This blog is headed Forever Young, and that might be why i read it with such emotion. A few years ago i travelled the world for some 10 years and during that time received a birthday card from my dad, who never normally wrote cards, it was always my mum’s job. Anyway, inside he’d written the words to a song originally by Bob Dylan, but changed slightly by Rod Stewart called Forever Young. This has since become my dad’s song to me. This song might be the reason behind the heading, but f you haven’t heard it already, i think you will like it.
    Keep positive and living each day to it’s fullest. Your three kids will turn out more beautiful inside than most others, more respectful of life and the smaller things we all take for granted because of what theyve been through. They will grow up to lead incredible lives, thats one positive thing that will come out of this.
    Love and respect to you and your beautiful family x

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