Posted by: mads04 | September 27, 2015

When the going gets tough

How do we define tough?  Is it a man willing to fight? Maybe. Or is it a young single mum trying to raise a couple of kids? Toughness is seen in many different ways. Most men see it as being a hard man, someone who can have a go. For me, personally, It’s raising a family. Trying to raise your kids to be polite, have good manners, respect each other and basically try and be a decent human being. 

Being a parent is the best job in the world but it’s also the toughest, being a parent with MND is a fuckin nightmare. 

I watch some reality programs on the telly and wonder what the fuck are these people on? These so called “Celebrity’s” live on another planet. They say they’ve been through hell to get where they are today and that they’re “Tough bitches”. If they want to know what tough is they should try my sisters cooking!. To these deluded idiots  “Hell” usually means they broke a nail or there fake tans ran, and that’s just the men! Being tough when I was growing up was having a fight and trying to prove your toughness. Nowadays your tough if you get a chest, back and crack wax without crying. Lads are spending longer in the mirror than their girlfriends. Seriously, If you’re a girl reading this and you’re fella spends longer than you getting ready for a night out, start worrying because he loves himself more than he loves you!. I see footballers roll around on the floor screaming in agony with a broken shoelace. A player gets injured, goes down holding his ankle with one hand and fixing his hair with the other. I don’t recognise the game anymore. Maybe I’m getting old or maybe I just preferred a time where people weren’t so obsessed with themselves. 

When living with a terminal illness you analyse things a bit more. I see people crying about shit that doesn’t matter. The towie firm moaning that they’ve found a spot!.Hold the press!! This is actually front page news.  I worry about my family and their future. Let me explain what being tough is. It’s getting up every day knowing a loved one can’t dress themselves, feed themselves, wash themselves and having to get the kids ready for school whilst that person is slowly wasting away.  It’s putting a smile on your face everyday telling everyone “I’m fine” when really your not. It’s worrying about money issues when you can’t work because you’ve become a full time carer. It’s not being able to have a night out because you’re on 24/7 MND call. It’s watching your friends slowly becoming distant with you because they don’t know what to say anymore. Outliving your welcome with MND is a common trait if you live beyond your  2-5 years sell by date! It’s trying to explain to your kids why daddy’s choking. It’s because he’s drowning in his own saliva. Try making sense of that to a 6 year old. Kids should enjoy their childhood. They shouldn’t see their dad falling over because his legs are wasting away. MND is a tough world to live in. 

Being physically tough is all good and well but being mentally tough is a completely different ball game. Everyone is fighting there own personal battle, It’s how we deal with our problems that defines how tough we are. Myself and my family have to adapt every single day to what MND throws at us, I’ve just recovered from a chest infection, after a week of antibiotics. I woke up the other morning thinking I feel ok today, then got out of bed and fell over, landing on my face and cutting my head. Welcome to life with MND. One minute you think your ok the next your tits up on the deck with more cuts than Rocky.!! 

Please keep supporting people with MND. It’s a tough life but rarely do you see us moan. Keep smiling and remember the next time your tan runs or you break a nail… There’s always tomorrow! 

To be continued….


Since my last blog we’ve lost a couple of MND Warriors that I had the pleasure of connecting with via Twitter. RIP Chris and Mark. We continue the fight! 



  1. Truly moving mate . ppl really need to wake up to the shit we moan about its perthetic .
    whenever I’m having a bad day I tell myself ,it’s fuck all to the ppl fighting MND .
    There is always someone worse off than you .
    Smile get on with it enjoy life 😘👏👊

  2. I’ve really missed your moaning ( you know what I mean ) love jodickolfc
    Good to see you blogging mate . Warrior !

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