Posted by: mads04 | June 1, 2015

#MimeForMND part 2 

Right, here’s a little update on how the Mime for MND campaign is going. I’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s support, donations and obviously the videos which have had me in tears laughing. The amount of MND warriors who have tweeted me, emailed me and text me saying “Mark, these videos are brilliant and brought a smile to my face” has been amazing. It’s exactly the reason why I want people to do it. To put a smile on someone’s face who is battling this illness and also the people filming and performing are laughing in equal measure. So do one MND we’re having a laugh!!!

Here’s a few videos upto now, please watch them and you will see how much fun they are to do. Ones a bit disturbing. I’m not sure if it’s Lily Savage or Lilo Lil from the BBC’s old comedy series “Bread” plus the fact that he/she has dedicated it to me makes it even weirder!! 

If you’ve got kids, grandkids, nephews/nieces or even work in a school/nursery get them involved as part of MND Awareness month. There’s a couple of superstars named Evie Skinley and Lily Scott who have done brilliant mimes to frozen. Honestly watch them they’re amazing and I can’t thank them enough. 

I’ve set a just giving page up and you can txt MIME73 to 70070 or visit every bit of money raised goes to the motor neurone disease association. I don’t normally ask for money because I don’t like asking so whatever you can donate, I really appreciate. 

#MimeForMND has given me a massive boost and I know it has other MND Warriors. All I want to do in life is have a laugh. There’s not much smiling and joking in the world of MND but every video I see has me smiling. Job done!! 

Thanks again for you’re constant support im honoured, humbled and priveliged reading you’re messages and I’m pissing myself laughing watching you’re #MimeForMND videos. Keep them coming and more importantly keep smiling.

To be continued… 


  • PS. I’m not on facebook so if you can share this amongst friends on social media or if you have you’re own website. I’d really appreciate it. Remember, it’s good to share, unless you win a tenner with the 30 man lottery syndicate in work… Bonus balls to that! #EnjoyLife 


  1. Hi Mark
    Where can I talk with you in private

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