Posted by: mads04 | October 8, 2014

A little thanks goes a long way….

My mum brought me up to be respectful and always use your manners. Common courtesy is something we should all use in life, it costs nothing the same way a simple smile costs nothing. A smile or hello can make someone’s day or at least give them a little boost.

I went to New York last week and whilst sat in Starbucks (Gegging free wifi) Jayne went to the toilets or the rest rooms man!! A man was sat next to me and he had his head in his hands rubbing his face, so I said to him “You ok mate?” “Yes brother” he replied.”Long fucking day man, working since 5 am” it was now 5.30pm. “Just came in for a coffee for a boost before home.” “Don’t work too hard my mate” I said “life’s for enjoying”. He looked at my walking stick and asked what the problem was? “You heard of the ice bucket challenge?” I asked him. “Of course man, ALS” he said. (Thanks again Peter Frates!!) With that the penny dropped “Shit man, I’m complaining about working and you’re battling ALS brother” he continued. “Don’t apologise my mate, shit happens, I’m 4 years in and live for today” I said. “Respect brother” he told me. ” Respect to you as well my mate, it’s a tough world and we do what we have to do to survive.” With that Jayne came back and as we were leaving he gave me a wink and said “Stay strong my brother” with a smile. “Always my mate, always.”

I walked away with a smile as wide as the Brooklyn bridge, a simple encounter but it made myself and my new mate both feel good about our own worries. I’ll never see that man again but I like to think our brief encounter was enough to make us feel good about ourselves and kept our faith in humanity. It’s not a hard thing to do I’ve always done things like that but even more so now since diagnosis. Everyone has their own troubles big or small so if you see someone troubled or worried a simple “Everything ok mate” could go a long way.

This is only a short blog but I just thought I’d share this moment with you to emphasise how life should work Instead of trying to fight with each other we should try and help each other. It’s not fuckin rocket science is it???

Keep smiling…..

To be continued


PS if you get the chance to go to New York take it, the place is unbelievable and when we told people we were from Liverpool they were all over us like a rash!! Amazing that four lads from Liverpool shook the world and 50 years on America is still in love with them!

There are places I remember…






  1. Love that city. Enjoy. Great pictures

  2. fab pics Mark, and love your blogs, god bless you all

  3. Wow. Beautiful post. (Nearly) made me cry. Now that’s something for a man to admit 😉

  4. How did you find getting around in New York affected your energy and muscles? Got any tips for fellow MND travellers?

  5. Reblogged this on mindful photos and commented:
    I don’t normally reblog stuff, but as I haven’t written anything on here in a while and I found this post so moving, I wanted to share it. Mark is an inspiration. I hope it moves you too –

  6. Mark you never cease to amaze me xx ❤ Ang

  7. Just reduced me to tears kidda. I often think of you Mark, giving me some wisecrack and making a shitty day a lot happier. Never change dude. Had my own little battle with the big C recently but your outlook and positivity never ceases to amaze me. Love and big Nogsy hugs, Helen x x x

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