Posted by: mads04 | September 16, 2014

Making a comeback…

Have you ever thought about reincarnation ?? I often think now what would I like to come back as? It’s a great white shark or a golden eagle for me basically because their both top of the food chain and nothing fucks with them, but knowing my luck if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I’ll come back as Rodney!!

Sat alone with just my thoughts I often think some crazy shit, like if I came back as a shark would I have to start disliking dolphins because I love dolphins but I’ve read that they can have it with great whites so I’d have to be on my toes (or fins) and if I was an eagle I’d definitely fly over David Cameron’s house and shit all over it!! You’re probably thinking now “Fuckin ell Mark what drugs are you on?” Not enough if I’m honest with you!!
I’m bored shitless, I can’t work anymore I can’t do what I want anymore. I had plans to do things last week, I wanted to try walking football so I arranged to start at a local sports centre and I was meant to go to an after party for the one night in Istanbul premiere in Liverpool but Mnd decided to fuck all that up for me by making me feel like shit and giving me as much energy as a fuckin dead battery!! I was meant to go on Anfield FM radio station and speak about Liverpool FC and Sundays final part of a 100 miles with MND but my voice is fucked so I can’t go on unless I want to sound like Oliver reed!! Talk about taking things day by day with MND it’s minute by minute!

On Sunday I completed 100 miles with MND by finishing the English half marathon in 3 hours 36 minutes. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m now sitting here like the tin man (Fuck that yellow brick road off.) massive thank you to me mates who done it with me and everyone who has supported me on this long and emotional journey. People tell me how inspirational I’ve been but honestly there’s far more MND warriors out there who deserve that title more than me and it was with them in mind that I managed to achieve what I did.

My marathon days are over now. 100 miles with MND has never been done before and if it has I’d love to shake hands with that person because I know hard it is to do it. I need time now to rest and concentrate on my family without worrying about what we can do next.

Thank you to everyone for your constant support it really has made a difference to me and inspired me to keep fighting this global killer.

I’m sure by the time I write my next blog I’ll have thought of something else to do to raise awareness for MND.







  1. Massive respect to you Mark, you’re an inspirational & courageous person.

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