Posted by: mads04 | September 3, 2014

Pulling the plug

Assisted suicide has been in the news lately and it’s something that goes hand in hand with MND/ALS, fuck it I’m calling it Mnd and Mnd alone I’m from England it’s fuckin MND!!
As it’s against the law to assist in someone’s suicide in the UK, you have to fly to Switzerland to do it. Now I don’t mind a little city break in Europe and I wouldn’t mind a little trip to Switzerland but imagine the panic in me mates when I told them I’m off to Zurich for the weekend!!

In my eyes it should be the individual who decides their own fate and if they’ve got a loved one willing to pull the plug then that should be there decision and their decision alone.

If your against assisted suicide, then please let me try and explain the Mnd patients view; You’ve lived a healthy life, looked after yourself, have young kids who like any parent you would do anything to protect them. Mnd comes along and slowly but surely it takes away the things you take for granted. Frustration is the key word here, frustrated because you can’t dress yourself, you can’t wash yourself, you definitely can’t shave yourself unless you want a scene out of pyscho in the bathroom!!. You can’t even wipe your own arse!! Probably a bit too much info but fuck it I’m trying to be honest!!
You get an itch, you can’t scratch yourself, it’s not all bad when you’ve got itchy plums though!! Frustration at not being able to eat what you want, trust me as much as I like a milkshake they get a bit boring after a while! Frustration at watching your family upset because you can’t do the things you did before MND. Frustration at feeling like a failure. Frustration at feeling like a burden to people. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like you’ve outlived your welcome. A feeling that people are bored of it all now. As much as I always try and make people feel at ease with me, I hate the fact that some people still don’t know how to act around me. That’s just human nature, I understand that but it’s still frustrating. Frustration at seeing your kids faces when your choking, that’s the worst part, my kids being involved with Mnd.

I also see so called “celebrities” saying when they reach a certain age they’d like to do an assisted suicide because they don’t want to become a burden, I’d gladly assist some so called “celebrities” now and pull the plug on some of these reality show wankers who are constantly worried about what they look like, how much money they’ve got and what the public think about them. Like I always say if I was a millionaire I’d still have Mnd, some peoples goal in life is to make as much money as they can and they will go to great lengths to achieve this. matter how much money you’ve got it can’t buy you a cure for Mnd.

If a dog is old or not well we put the animal down because it’s cruel to let them carry on, I understand the reasoning of assisted suicide being illegal in the UK, but surely the law needs looking at again to stop people suffering in later stages of a terminal illness.

Mnd in the later stages is basically locked in syndrome, the only thing you can move is your eyes, the scariest part of it is it’s out of your control. There’s days where you think “Yeh I’ve got you today.I’m in control” then bang you cramp up or have a fall. This to me is why it should be the individuals choice, it would be the only time that the person with Mnd is in control of the situation. In control of their own future because as soon as your diagnosed Mnd controls you.

Right I’m off, just seen a lovely hotel in Zurich, see ya later……

Thanks for all your support and keep smiling #EnjoyLife

To be continued…




  1. Lol mark. What a sick sense of humour ay but if you can’t laugh at yourself what and who can you laugh at.
    Totally agree with assisted suicide, as you know with me being a nurse you see the struggles of people old and young coming to terms with illnesses and diseases and how they would cope in the coming weeks months or years. I watch family members attitudes and how they react differently around them trying to take over there lives by doing everything for them even though the patient can do it themselves. The patient just wants to stay independent as long as they can before they deteriorate. The UK should be able to euthanize humans and not just animals, empowering patients with such diseases/illnesses enabling them to keep control of how life should be to the end.
    Take care Mark and love reading your posts. X

  2. right second go my first reply disappeared and can’t remember my speel Lol.
    Lol Mark, what a sick sense of humour but if you can’t laugh or take the piss out yourself then who can you laugh at.
    Totally agree with the assisted suicide, as you know with me being a nurse I often see people being diagnosed with diseases and illnesses from old to young, you also see how family or friends treating you like a leper or to the other extreme taking your independence away by doing everything for the patient and all you want to do is scream and shout saying he/she can do that for themselves.
    With assisted suicide it empowers the patient in enabling them to make choices and decisions in the care or even how and when they decide to die, but the decision is entirely there’s to make with the discussion of there loved ones. The UK should look into and pass a bill/policy to accept people’s decision of assisted suicide but only with thorough information and acknowledgement of their disease/illness so people don’t take advantage or take the piss or force people into the decision to die.
    On a lighter note Mark without sounding patronizing I admire your courage and fight in you to not let mnd take control.
    Take care and really look forward to reading more of your posts. Xx

  3. Mark I totally agree with you, when my wife was in the final stages before she sadly passed away in feb this year we discussed assisted suicide etc. Every part of wat you said is friggin true..
    My wife “Suzanne” always said (before she couldn’t speak). You’re health is you’re wealth it’s so true.. Good on you buddy Ian

  4. Thanks for your blog Mark. only just read it now laughing and crying in equal measure xxx Thinking of you .. don’t forget you must always ask, or get Jayne to ask, if you think of anything to help at all (apart from the assisted suicide bit – cant go to jail for you xx ha) Love Sarah x

  5. You may want to read this before deciding.

    I recently published my article on newly researched natural medicinal plants and their potential for treatment of ALS, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. It can be found at:

    It is the culmination of several years work, having studied ethnobotanical medicine and the field of neurodisease, making connections between the two in the search for something viable to reverse the progression of these diseases. I have been strongly motivated by the unfortunate passing of a close friend’s mother due to ALS some years ago. Hopefully, you will find it an important topic. It is currently being discussed on several online forums related to the subject matter.

    There is already an ongoing pilot project involving several individuals diagnosed with ALS in Sweden and the United States, and the use and evaluation of the relevant medicine. Although yet on an early stage, noticable symptom relief has been reported by users. Results are being documented, and will be published and presented to the Svenska Neuroförbundet (Swedish neurological council) and elsewhere, in order to create incentive for further studies to be conducted.

    More information will be released early 2015.

    I wish you a great day, and that you share this information, should you find it interesting.

    Daniel Gustafsson, Sweden

  6. Hi Mark,

    Just want to offer you some encouragement from a fellow MND fighter. When the time is right for you, please give this video a look. Through equal measures of luck and persistence, he now has a Communication Tablet Device which Gavin operates using only his eyes. It’s changed his life, allowing him to continue to live life.

    Take care,
    Gavin’s team

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