Posted by: mads04 | July 8, 2014

Abuse of power & Positive thinking

I watched a documentary on the life of Lance Armstrong the other day and as wrong as he was in doping his way to victory in the Tour de France races you have to admire his courage in beating cancer and the fantastic job he done in raising awareness for testicular cancer, what he achieved with Live-strong campaign was and still is an unbelievable success story in the fight against cancer.
I remember watching him win his races after coming back from beating cancer and thinking what an incredible and inspiring human being. The man was a walking or cycling miracle, but he obviously had a dark side. After watching the film it was pretty clear He was and still is an arrogant prick, not only did he cheat his way to success he abused his role as a cancer survivor to deflect accusations of doping to win.
A Sunday Times newspaper reporter asked him about doping in a press conference and he completely turned it round on him by playing the victim and using cancer to completely destroy the man and make him feel as if he was bang out of order in front of his colleagues. That to me Is a sign of a Frankie Howard (coward) he embarrassed himself and let down the cancer world.
Believe it or not abuse of power in the MND world is not uncommon. I’ve seen patients use MND to gain a personal advantage , you don’t have to use MND or cancer as an excuse to get by, if your honest about the illness people will support you anyway, I’d never try and use my illness to gain an advantage although I do love takin the piss when I’m with the lads or in the house, if I want something I might start saying “I’ve fuckin got MND me and I’m having to get me own drink, I’m reporting you to the social!” but there’s definitely some people who when diagnosed feel the world owes them a favour and become bitter about it. I can totally understand that and most people ask “Why me?” But your asking a question that has no answer so there’s no point using up your vital energy searching for one.

The worst abuse of power I’ve witnessed is when I’ve been to America. Disneyland this year was the first year I applied for a disability pass which means you don’t have to stand in line for their rides, I could have got a mobility scooter but I’d rather use my walking stick to at least give me that feeling that I’m exercising. I’m not messing but some people over there proper take the piss, there’s some proper fat bastards who have nothing wrong with them apart from they can’t stop eating, all driving round in mobility scooters because they can’t be arsed walking and before all the do gooders start having a pop saying “they’ve got problems” I sympathise with those who do but some don’t, they just love a fuckin scoff and are bone idle.
How come when we warn against lung cancer we tell people to stop smoking or liver disease we say cut down on alcohol and that’s all ok but if we tell someone to stop eating as much because it’s bad for their health were out of order and wrong? Just a thought.

My little girl wanted to go on a Dumbo ride in which 2 people get in and the ride goes round and round and you have a little stick that you can go up and down, anyway I’m in the disabled line when this fuckin salad dodger is in front of us on a scooter, he’s about 35, 25 stone and obviously had a season ticket for McDonalds!! He’s got a T shirt on claiming “I’m not Lazy I just can’t be bothered doing anything” I can tell straightaway there’s nothing wrong with him, maybe it’s because I’m a scouser and we can smell a bullshitter a mile off. Anyway he gets off the scooter waddles over to the ride, sits in it on his own, he can’t even go on with his kid because he just about fits in the 2 seater ride by himself, so I said to Jayne “Poor fucking Dumbos ears will be flapping like mad getting this fella off the ground”

The importance of positivity…..

Is your glass half empty or half full?? Do you always think the worst or think positively? Whatever you are it will have a strong input into how you live your life. If you keep telling yourself your not well then there’s a good chance you will become ill. I’m a strong believer in that, that might sound a bit strange coming from me, I was never sick up until I was diagnosed, I’d had one operation in my entire life and that was when I was 2 with a hernia, then after diagnosis I had to get a peg tube fitted to help me eat properly and keep my weight up. There the only times I’ve ever had to stay in hospital. I always looked after myself, kept my self fit and never once thought something like this could happen to me. In life there’s a saying that goes fight or flight which basically means stay and fight or as the Monty Python team say in The Holy Grail “Run away!!!” Well MND is one thing in life you can’t run away from, especially in a fuckin wheelchair!
Being positive with MND is my key to living with it I’ve seen first hand what a negative attitude does with MND but I think having sense of humour helps, it certainly has with me. I’m always taking the piss out meself because sometimes you just need to laugh at the situation. When I’m tired my speech slurs and I’m hard to understand so when this happens I start recalling a famous quote from one of me favourite films Rocky “Yo Adrian” or If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street movie you will have seen were they’re all off their tits on drink, drugs and mainly Qualludes giving them slurred speech, well that’s me, so I start saying “Steve Maaaaaaaaaaaadddddden” if you’ve seen the film you’ll get it!! If not watch the clip below.

Having a positive outlook to me is vital and helps me keep with the philosophy of live for today.

I wonder if the MND Association will post this blog?? Here’s hoping!!!

Keep smiling and enjoy life




  1. what a guy – Me n Mrs C in proper laugh out loud tears ere Mark – Disney tales – sheer class – How you keep the humour up I will never know – bloody brilliant – what an utter & complete inspiration – you take good care mate – Dan

  2. Just laughed my head off Mark ,your a case never seen you on the Dubbo ride ha keep up the good work ❤️Ya MO

  3. Brilliant blog once again. Keep smiling Mark and making us all laugh. After all laughter is supposed to be the best medicine and mixed with your positivity it keeps us all strong and fighting. Your comments about Disney and America were so funny but also so true. We have seen it firsthand . Paula.

  4. Amazing Mark. Love reading your material as it always leaves me inspired and ready to live life to the full. You really know how to convey how precious life is in a humorous no bullshit kind of way. Please keep it up. Julio

  5. There’s no other way ~ laughing & kicking butt every day!!!

  6. Ive just sat here & read your blogs (all of them) and am currently waiting for the official diagnosis….. even though like you, I know too! Im 39 with four kids. I’ve always been 100 miles an hour (not now obv) & have been a pain in the arse trying to get diagnosed. Not because I want it…… because I need to get on with the rest of my life and do as much as I can to raise money & awareness. Plus I have a mad bucket list lol. Ive already accepted it, despite my nearest & dearest being in denial & thinking ive lost the plot. Not that I had it to loose! ! Having an EMG soon….. can’t wait. …. NOT! I just wanted to say thanks. Reading your story has reinforced the positivity that I’d started to lose. I need to be strong for my hubby and kids. Already done the devastation bit and am feeling like me again! I reckon I’m made of tough stuff & will follow your example. …. maybe a marathon is a bit strong tho lol. But im determined to do as much as I can & help raise as much money and awareness as I can. I’m definitely going out on a limb ( pardon the pun ) to be an inspiration to others. Especially my family. Thanks Mark & keep fighting x

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