Posted by: mads04 | April 20, 2014

Nothing’s impossible!

This time last week I was recovering from attempting the London marathon. I had to stop at 16 miles, the heat was a big factor for me and although my mate Tony tried his best to keep me going I knew from around 10 miles this was going to be a battle I might not win. The night before in our hotel I knew it was gonna be tough, my peg tube site was bleeding which is a sign of infection and without antibiotics I knew I’d have poison running through my body while I attempted 26.2 miles. I’m not making excuses, people who know me know that’s not my style, but it was obviously a big factor!! Tony was brilliant with me right the way through, we’ve been mates for a very long time so he knows what makes me tick and every now and then he’d say “You ok mate?” “Yeh, sound mate” I’d reply, but after the half way stage when Sonic the Hedgehog and a fella dressed as an usher giving away flying saucer sweets went past us, I think Tony knew I was struggling!! We managed to get to a first aid station and when Tony explained to them I had MND, they were looking at each other like what the fucks that??
But they were brilliant with us making sure I was ok and I was thankful for their support. To say I was gutted would be a massive understatement, gutted and angry that my body gave up on me no matter what my mind told it to do, once your body caves in there’s not much you can do about it! ( Fuck off MND) we raised over £3.500 for mnd but more importantly to me we raised much needed awareness.

I was invited into Liverpool FC’s training ground this week after Brendan Rodgers read the piece I wrote in the LFC match-day programme against Tottenham Hotspur. The staff and the team were absolutely brilliant with us and I don’t know who was more excited me or the kids!! All the team and back room staff signed the MND charter which is a petition to help people living with MND have a better quality of life. Seriously why does there have to be a petition for something like this?? For Brendan Rodgers, at a time when the team are having to deal with the pressure of winning a league to give up his time and welcome us the way they did, I think shows the true measure of the man and I can’t thank them enough for supporting us in our football campaign. We need thousands of more signatures if it’s to get seen in parliament, it will make a massive difference for people living with this terrible disease.
Please sign this link and share it, it only takes a couple of minutes of your time but can make such a difference.

Well done to Richard and Andrew who joined me in doing the London marathon whilst living with MND, there warrior spirit is an inspiration to us all.
I might have failed in becoming the first man to complete the London marathon twice with MND, but there’s always next year!!!!

Stay positive and more importantly keep smiling.

To be continued….




  1. Well done Mark, you are doing fantastic, everyone appreciates the hard work and fighting spirit you have against this wicked disease, you will be inspiring so many people around the world. Brilliant mate. Toon Alan.

  2. Mark ~ Once again you excel as a true and brave MND Warrior!!! Congrats on making it as far as you did under your physical circumstances!!! You amaze me and inspire me ~ we never surrender to this monster!

  3. monumental effort as usual….I couldn’t manage 16 minutes of a marathon…..keep fighting and flicking the v sign to MND… are forever a legend with Alty fans and a source of inspiration to a growing number of admirers from the football world and beyond…..F*** off MND, you messed with the wrong maddog!!!
    PS…you available for the play off 2nd leg v hednesford?….you only have to wear a number 5 shirt and inspire the team to victory just by your presence…but knowing you you’d be disappointed if you didn’t score the winning goal 🙂

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