Posted by: mads04 | March 13, 2014

Run for your life

I went to see my professor the other week for a check up to see how I was gettin on, everything is ok, my lung capacity is down a bit but apart from that, nothing major. I asked about donating my brain to research when I finally kak it. I had heard of a doctor from Boston, USA who is researching ex sports players brains to see if playing contact sports has anything to do with neurological conditions. My prof started laughing and told me by the time my brain got to Boston it wouldn’t be worth a carrot to them and plus she wants first dibs on it! I told her no problem she can have it but I’m a bit gutted because I’ve always wanted to go to Boston!!

Sundays the day to attempt another marathon with MND. I can’t run anymore so I’m not sure how long it will take me this time but even if I come in last place it’ll be worth it just to raise more MND awareness, my lungs are a lot worse than last year so unless your the fuckin six million dollar man your gonna struggle with my lung capacity! I remember when I done the Liverpool marathon in 2012 we started off by trying to run then walk for a bit. It might sound strange but that marathon was harder than London 6 months later. I finished the race that day like the tin man and when I woke up the next morning Jayne was doing the ironing on me I was that stiff!! The Liverpool marathon was a great atmosphere and everyone was giving each other high fives, I seen a woman who I recognised from the kids school on the opposite side of the road running and as I went to give her a high five, she was laughing and said “run will ya” she obviously didn’t know about my illness but at the same time I thought why would you say that to someone doing a marathon? Every single person doing it has their own reasons for doing a marathon, wether it be for themselves or for a cause close to their heart and to me it makes no odds wether you run,walk,crawl or get fuckin carried over the finish line, as long as your having a go what difference does it make? Needless to say the woman gets blanked now when I see her for acting like a complete tit!!! Oh and a warning to anyone who sees me Sunday, don’t shout “run will ya”!!! Trust me if I could, I would (Blame MND)

A huge thank you to everyone who’s sponsored us so far and helping raise awareness for Mnd.

Stay positive and more importantly stay smiling!!

To be continued


For the 96 justice is coming



  1. Go for it Mark and just do your best, you will have the nation running with you if not in virtual reality but in their hearts and wishing you finish over that line.

  2. Good luck for sunday Mark, your pushing yourself to the limit mate,, Ive got fantastic respect for you and everything your achieving to promote awareness of MND. Unless you have this disease, nobody could understand the courage and strength you are showing. Look forward to hearing about your successful marathon, be safe. Toon Alan.

  3. Hi Mark

    That’s brilliant. All the best for Sunday.

    I’m from South Africa, and was fortunate enough to be in London on a business trip in 2009 and experience the London Marathon. This was about a year after I’d been diagnosed with MND. The atmosphere was brilliant. There were a few charities including MND.

    Look forward to hearing how it went.


    Kind Regards

    KEVIN JORDAN YOU & ME VERSUS MND Mobile: 082 608 0661 Website: Facebook page:

    So let’s try as hard as we can to do what will bring peace. Let’s do whatever will help each other grow stronger in faith. – Romans 14:19


  4. Mark on a weekend such as this, with the anniversary of Hillsborough and a little knock about on Sunday afternoon.
    I will be thinking of you mate ,

  5. You are amazing Mark a true inspiration as was my husband Keith who died of MND on 30th November 2013 after 14 short months. I cannot believe all you manage to do good luck xx

  6. Mark, you’re an MND Warrior & a Wonder!
    I’ll be thinking of you & cheering you on best I can from Wisconsin. However & whenever you complete the Marathon, you will have be tremendously successful. Thanks for always sharing your brave & positive spirit!!


  7. Superb effort and achievement in completing 16 miles Maddog, I stand in awe of you and continue to be inspired, it’s not the winning it’s the taking part that counts and in your case that is even more true and the inspiration and respect you create is based on your dogged determination and spirit to take on challenges like this in the first place… we will no doubt see you conquer Everest next or something!! as long as you keep competing you are a winner in everyone’s eyes I promise you 🙂

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