Posted by: mads04 | October 1, 2013

Football v MND/ALS

Football has always been a massive part of my life, from as far back as I can remember I’ve played footy from the streets of Liverpool to stadiums up an down the country . My best days were spent at Altrincham FC , the people at this club have been fantastic for me and my family and we owe them a great debt for the support they have given us.I miss playing football,I miss coaching ,but I also miss the social side with the lads enjoying the company of people who had the same strange sense of humour I have , everyday when I went into training was a chance to take the piss out of my team mates an trust me there was no mercy when it came to the banter. We’ve rang a lad up and convinced him we were scouts for Liverpool FC and blagged him we were interested in signing him so much so the lad in question shut his own business down for the day, told all his family he was signing for Liverpool only to be told at training that night it was a wind up, needless to say be weren’t to happy!! Another time my mate who I won’t mention by name but he had a decent career in the football league.He was only 17 when he signed for us and confided in me that his girlfriend at the time had gone to magaluf in Spain with her mates and his head was a bit done in about it,so I tried to reassure him things would be ok and I’m sure she would be faithful to him.
I quickly told the rest of my team mates who unmercifully ripped into him about it and gave him the worst 2 weeks of his life! Nine months after she got back they had a son and called him Jose!!(I’m joking)
A team mentality was always my first thought.I was always loyal to my team if something needed sorting out on the pitch I was always first over there not because I thought I was a tough guy but more of a “Don’t fuck with my mate ” mentality. I loved being part of a team,I may be wrong but there was never a team mate I come across who I never got on with, I’ve played alongside some right tossers by the way but I seemed to be the lad who had to introduce new players into the team and make sure they were ok and every now and then we’d sign a foreign player and it would be my job to try and help them settle in! Seriously asking me to try and interpret Spanish,French or Portuguese with a scouse accent was like a scene from Monty Python !!!

Ive Linked up with the MND Association this season to try and raise awareness for MND in football and hopefully football clubs not just in the UK but all round the world will get involved and try and make a difference in raising the profile of motor neurone disease.
This is the link to the campaign so please try and get your local club involved, I’m hoping it will be a successful campaign because I know the football community is a worldwide audience and it’s a great opportunity to make a difference to people with MND
We’ve also recorded a video about living with MND, people tell me it’s inspiring and how string I am but I always tell them same thing “I’m only as strong as the people around me” Please watch and share

I’m watching Mnd slowly eat it’s way through my body and also watching the affect it has on the people who are precious to me. I have a tattoo on my ribs in Italian which says “Life,Love & Laughter are the gifts I give to my children”
Those words are very true, children should have fun memories not ones of their dad deteriorating from a terminal disease. We need to raise more awareness for MND so we can raise more funds for research and hopefully one day find a cure so future generations don’t have to live with this cruel disease. I’m hoping the worldwide football(soccer) community can get behind our campaign and try and change the future for everyone involved with MND/ALS.

Stay smiling and keep positive

To be continued





  1. Your words touch me so much Mark. I only know how it feels on one side of MND, as a child watching a parent. I never got to hear my mum’s side of the story.. but I know she was such a strong woman! Honestly don’t think there’s been one blog where I’ve not had a tear in my eye. Stay strong Mark. Love & best wishes for you & your family x

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