Posted by: mads04 | June 24, 2013

Never give up

In the week leading up to the London Marathon it dawned on me what me and my mate Tony were attempting to do. The support we received was over whelming not just from people in the UK but from all over the world. I’ve used Twitter a lot to raise awareness for MND and my account leading up to the marathon day was going crazy with well wishes and good luck messages all week and I’d like to say a big thank you to each and every one of you for your donations and support.

I never for one minute thought we wouldn’t finish the race but their was still a thought in my mind that I was doing something very important for the MND/ALS community and i didn’t want to let anyone down,everyone was telling me don’t push yourself to hard and just by starting the marathon you were doing enough, and I told everyone the same thing “Don’t worry if it gets too much I will stop!! I’m sure my nose grew a few inches that week because there wasn’t a fuckin chance I wasn’t completing that race, even if Tony would have had to carry me over the finish line(and he would have) I was determined to complete the marathon.We travelled down to London on the Saturday before the race with family and friends and I have always said without the people I have round me I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, even if Tony did slow me down the last few miles!! The whole event and day was an unbelievable experience and at the start we had a minute’s silence for the people who were sadly killed by a bomb blast a few days earlier in Boston and that just made everyone even more determined to do well for the victims and their families.The race started and we took it easy from the start,more than anything we wanted to enjoy the day and take everything in.The crowds were unbelievable lining the streets in their thousands,DJ’s were on their balconies overlooking the route, live music playing outside the pubs,barbecues and people singing and dancing, smoking  spliffs and drinking beer in the sunshine.”Fuck me” I thought this is my kind of party!!! The weather was fantastic and it was a brilliant carnival atmosphere.

We were flying early on and then steadied off at a decent pace until Tony started slowing down because he was carrying a fuckin pharmacy in our back pack an a bottle of water in each hand to keep me hydrated but I kept on encouraging him and he never slowed me down!! We approached the halfway stage at London bridge and it was a massive boost to see our family and friends there cheering us on people were dropping like flies, theirs a picture of us on the bridge with a man receiving treatment behind us and I’ve got a look on my face that says” I never touched him ref honest!!!” as the minutes turned into hours I knew we would finish in a decent time and to finally cross the finish line in 6 hours 40 minutes was definitley an achievement although I was a bit gutted I never beat the 6:29 time I done in the Liverpool marathon 8 months earlier!!

At the finish line we met up with people from the MND association who cheered us home like heroes and a special mention to Marcus Bean who is a TV chef on the daytime telly programme This Morning and had run the race for MND he had finished 2 hours earlier but stuck around to see us because he was inspired by our story,so it was nice to meet him and get a photo with him. Some people from the MNDA escorted us to the after party that were holding for runners and I finally met up with an inspirational family and inspirational human being Eric Rivers hs been living with MND for about 9 years and is someone I look up to. As you can imagine it was an emotional meeting and I was so glad to see him and his family i’d spoken to his wife Davina on twitter so to finally meet them was a true honour and just topped a fantastic day off. I would like to thank the MNDA people who were there on the day,please never give up!!

Just a quick tale to tell at the end when were on the tube going back to Euston station Tony started looking a funny colour and we had to get off at the station before because he didn’t feel well every one of us were worried as we sat there with him he’d definitely turned 50 shades of grey and I don’t mean in the book way!! So me being the sympathetic person that I am told him “are you taking the piss I’ve got MND ran a fuckin marathon and do your taking the Bangkok(knock) on the tube? Get your shit together and let’s go home !”

I have more to write but the weakness in my hands is getting worse so it’s tough to write too much without pain(MND 1 Madog 0) I’m forever grateful for the support I have and I can’t thank you all enough I will try to get another blog out very soon because trust me I’ve got a lot to say and do about MND……

Stay positive and keep smiling life’s to short for sadness.

For the 96 & their families justice is coming.

To be continued….




  1. Do you know what? You must be one of the most courageous people I know and it’s an honour to know you – take care xx

  2. Hahaha Mark this is brilliant…what a boss weekend that was 👍😄😂😁🏃🏃mixed emotions all day happy proud nervous and that was just me and Jayne!!! So proud of you😜 we know MND has met its match this time!!! Keep up the fight 💪xxx you are a inspiration to a lot of people xx

  3. Fantastic Mark, a big well done to you still making everyone so

  4. So proud Mark, well done! Xx

  5. MadRespect for you Mark! Another exciting and amazing accomplishment to benefit all of us affected with MND/ALS! Thank you for your generous spirit and great sense of humor! We will never surrender!

  6. Hi Mark ,you don’t know me but I have had Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) but slower then ALS it is also part of MND. I have had it for 5yrs now and the prognosis is to live up to 20yrs. I was a travel agent in Australia for 33yrs and I have travel quite abit, and love getting the people the right kind of holiday for them. I was very active with my skills and 2001 got top place in my company. I got awards for it but I don’t need that because every one is different. From job satisfaction to loosing my speech and muscle as part of the disease.i am also walking with a walker because I can loose my balance easily .I now do a lot of charity for MND and next month we are participating
    On a MND Drive 2014 for 4 days from Fremantle to Esperance In Western Australia.We live in Perth now..We are collecting money everywhere we go.
    If you want to know all about it go to our website.this is my donation page.

    I still travel ,I have just come back from UK/Scotland on Monday went for a wedding. I still do my cruising and in Nov 5th I am going on a cruise from Fremantle to Sydney via New Zealand for 17nts & next year in April we are doing 43nt cruise & stay going to USA,Mexico, Carribeen, Europe,and the Baltic .
    Nothing is going to keep me back for enjoying myself .MND is being left behind

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