Posted by: mads04 | March 17, 2013

Career criminal MND/ALS

Motor neurone Disease is a career criminal, as I have mentioned in earlier blogs it robs you of your speech,ability to move and finally your ability to be breath(which is obviously a big one!!).From the moment you are diagnosed with it, it starts to steal your mind then works on the body. It’s not really arsed if you are a good or bad person it just wants to fuck you up untill you can’t cope anymore and leaves your family and friends with the destruction it has caused. Since I have started these blogs I have heard of many people who I have connected with world-wide, sadly passing away or knowing someone who’s died because of this career criminal.Its a strange feeling,although I don’t know these people personally it hits me hard and genuinely upsets me.I cant help but have a strong kinship with someone who has MND we are a fairly rare breed when it comes to medical science.

I was talking on Twitter last week to a lady who I wont mention by name but she knows who she is, who is dealing with MND as her husband is in late stage of the disease,he is a true warrior and shows courage we can only admire day in day out.I told her I felt guilty talking to her about what I was doing and that I was feeling ok at the moment. I know that might sound a bit daft but that’s just the way I am, but it also makes me more determined to go out there and get this disease recognised more and also fight it harder on a personal scale. I am under no illusions that a cure will be found in my lifetime but the courage and support of others who are involved in MND makes me feel stronger plus im a scouser and we don’t mind a bit of a ding-dong every now and then!! the problem with MND is the ding-dong is not every now and then but every minute of every day, I’m a bit like one of Rocky’s opponents I suppose, I know im going to lose at the end but im going to have a fucking good go at it every minute of everyday( my mates are now reading this thinking “Your no Clubber Lang knobhead!!) on a serious note I was gutted when Apollo Creed got killed in Rocky 4!

The one thing MND robs you of is pride and it steals your pride because eventually you can’t get dressed alone, you can’t shower alone(sometimes not a bad thing!!)and you can’t go the toilet alone(remember Spartacus!) Pride is a big thing in a person or it should be, We all take pride in the way we conduct ourselves. I’m a proud man and no different from anyone else and I have had to adjust from being the helper to being the helped,it’s not easy it is very much appreciated but it’s also strange because I have always been the person who my mates have come to for help. I mention pride because something happened last week and i had to swallow my pride and ask for help over an incident that happened to someone close to me. I am not a hard case by any means but I have always stood up for myself and my mates and if we have any problems that the police can’t help with we will deal with them ourselves,It might be a Liverpool thing but im sure it’s also a working class thing to, anyway this incident happened and I had to ring a few mates to help me out with a situation I would have just dealt with myself before MND stole my ability to sort out problems on my own.It embarrased me that I had to ring them and I know they will be reading this thinking “shut up dickhead” but its a tough pill to swallow.

It got me thinking I am fiercely protective of my family like most people are and if any problems occur how do I deal with them now? we’ve had our house robbed once it was years ago and thankfully before the kids were born and the police never really got involved so I dealt with it in my own way( I think you can figure it out) I’ve also had cheeky bastards trying to rob me car from outside me house who also got dealt with without the police getting involved. There was one night when I was in bed and heard voices outside Ian’s house next door but one to me. Ian(salad dodger Ian) was having his house extended and was renting another house near Anfield with his family whilst his house got sorted, After hearing voices outside I looked out my window to see these two cheeky rats trying to rob Ian’s front gates(only in Liverpool)I banged on the window and the two of them shit themselves and ran so I quickly got my sword from under my bed(home protection!!) and ran downstairs and out the door to catch them even though I was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and flip-flops! I caught one of them half way down the street and fuck knows what he thought as he was getting chased by a skinhead in a pair of boxy’s wielding his sword like Jack Sparrow,anyway after a couple of swift digs I decided that he was my prisoner now and he would walk or get dragged back up to ours to see if he had damaged Ian’s house in any way or robbed something, He quickly told me he would walk so I had him in front of me with the sword at the back of his neck and basically walked him up the plank i mean up the road back to my house, to anyone who might have seen this god knows what they would have made of it!! As I got to ours one of my neighbours had come out and asked “Everything ok Mark” “Yeh Ste no worries ive got this mate” I replied and he quickly went in probably thinking Mark’s flipped out here!! after assessing that the lad hadn’t damaged or taken anything I rang Ian to tell him thinking he would want to know. It was about midnight and he answered like I had just woken him up “Hello” he said “I’ve got this gobshite here lad who was trying to rob your gates. “Has he took anything or damaged anything” he asked, “No mate” I answered. “Fuck it then lad im goosed I’ll see you tomorrow” and put the phone down. I looked at me phone and thought are you fuckin messin? I’m runnin round like a half-naked pirate(all I was missing was a wooden leg and a parrot) trying to protect your house and your goosed!! I turned to the lad who now was sweating his bollocks off but he also had a nervous grin as he had heard the conversation I had with Ian and must have been thinking please just let me go, so after another dig in the Kipper I told him to fuck off and if I seen round here again I would definitely give him the pirate treatment, he quickly ran away as I walked back into the house thinking I was Burt Lancaster!!!

What would or could I do now if a situation like this arose again? I can just about lift my arms sometimes but I suppose with my excessive saliva I could slobber them to death!! So the career criminal has not only robbed me of doing most day-to-day things without help it’s also robbed me of my ability to protect my family which in turn robs me of my pride in some ways, so to finish a message to all the house robbers who might read this and think his house would be easy,I’ve still got me sword and you would definitely get my Burt Lancaster impression again and if any police are reading this I got rid of the sword years ago, honest!!!

Thanks again for all your support and raising awareness for the career criminal known as MND.

To be continued…..







  1. Another boss blog Maddox,keep them coming mate.

  2. Nice one for the phone call knob

  3. another top read mate. Loved it.

  4. You Rock with a great spirit. Keeping sharing your attitude since so many others can’t see past the tunnel. Rare disease Patient-advocate Cryoglobulinemia.

  5. Just found your blogs Mark and I want to say a great big thank you for your candour,humour and such honest feelings re MND. Dad just been diagnosed with MND and you are helping so much.

  6. My mum has mnd and unfortunately it’s at the latter stage and I’m told I have a 50 50 chance of getting it to, I’m waiting for her to finish her fight before I find out if I have to start mine later on in life, I’m 30 so probably got 23 and a bit years judging by my family history, her mum had it and her great uncle and I’m afraid I get cold hands and feet a lot so worry its me next, all I can say is if I do find out soon its me, I do hope I try as well as you to make my family proud. God bless Mark, I know once my mum is gone a tattoo will be on my arm with a cross and the words, when I close my eyes your speaking and standing with your halo. Your family will remember you as that footy player who embarrassed the doctors at the London marathon finish line and a truly wonderful dad, son and husband. Take care and god bless again.

  7. What a wonderful human being we should all aspire to be. As an exiled scouser I understand the natural sheer will to win. However Mark, you are a different level, a credit to your family.

    Be very proud of yourself, you inspire, you provoke thought, you are a winner who writes so well also.

    A lovely story we can all learn from

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